About us

30 years of innovation in filter technology and process ventilation

With our extensive experience in process ventilation we mean by the term tradition that we always deliver profitable and reliable solutions that both purifies industrial environments and contribute to a better global environment. Our motto is to combine ” tradition with innovation.” To constantly develop and refine our products , we see as a natural part of our business.

Made in Sweden – globally

We have customers worldwide and mainly consists of companies in the process and manufacturing industries . It is essentially process -intensive businesses with high standards of professionalism and service which, due to their rapid and sensitive to disturbance process machines to choose us as a partner in the early stages. We work mainly with clients in the following industries

  • Steelworks
  • Foundries and metal industries
  • Pulp and Paper 
  • Rock and Mineral Industry
  • Handling of Lime, Cement , Aggregates, Asphalt and Concrete
  • Engineering and Automotive
  • Chemical industry
  • Food Industry

Our History in Brief

Process Filters was founded in Helsingborg, where we still have our head office . Over the years , we have supplemented the business with a sales office in Borås and a subsidiary in Bornheim , Germany. We have also built up a unique partnership with our suppliers and clients. Clients not in the way we develop new products and systems have opened opportunities to jointly test new products ” on sight ” . Now we have taken a step further in terms of exhaust ventilation. Besides dust and rökgasfri environment in the workplace and in our precious global environment , we can provide exhaust ventilation to improve shapes and recycles material from your process .


Process Filters are now registered under the name Processfilter Do Brasil Ltda, in Brazil with offices in São Paulo.


Germany office renamed Processfilter Germany GmbH .
Our sophisticated modeling techniques supplemented with one of the most powerful CFD tools ( Computational Fluid Dynamics) . The simulation program visualizes the flows, temperatures , humidity, effects of forces , pressure drop, speeds and more. in each filter system context.


We delivered our first plants to Australia, and are now represented in 6 of the 7 continents.
During the summer launching our new compact filter type TKF .


A new compact filters are designed and deciding whether to build prototypes for test run in spring 2009.
Along with Export Council, the possibilities for establishment in Brazil . The goal is to have a business started in Brazil in spring 2010.
Awarded AAA rating of Solvency .
Opportunities for lease filter expanded.
We are Silver Sponsor for Nature Conservation.


The company is increasing its efforts to reach out more on the export market , mainly to Asia where several agents are hired . Niclas Blomquist buys the remaining 50% of the company , thus becoming the sole owner . Processfilter Borås AB changes name to Processfilter Solutions.


The service department expanded with two new techniques. The department updated and invest substantial in new technology and mätutrustning.Företaget increase marketing to foundries and steel mills providing high impact at the end of the year. An air cleaning filter for absolute vacuum is constructed and becomes a success in the steel industry . Filtertypens fabric filter tubes can also be purged with nitrogen.


Niclas Blomquist becomes CEO of our German subsidiary – HB Engineering Germany GmbH .


This summer Niclas Blomquist buys  Carsten Hansen’s 50% interest in the company and
starts in August as president of the company . Ownership ratio must be that January Bjergard owns 50 % and Niclas Blomquist 50%. Niclas Blomquist has since 1985 worked in the industry for filter technology including at the prestigious Air ITK AB and Danish Nordfab A / S , later DISA A / S.


At the end of our name was changed from the previous HB Environment & Process Technology AB Sweden AB . Our German company retains its name – HB Engineering Germany GmbH .


Presents another new product in filter technology / air flow technology. A Fan Cleaned Reversed Cleaned filter – FCF / RCF .


Completed the product range with Euro Mate . Annual turnover 2001 = 100 million, 25 employees


Completed the product range with a Nordic agency for French Europe Environnement . That same year, opened the office in Germany – HB Engineering Germany GmbH .


Acquisition process Sweden AB in Borås.


Accredited company by SWEDAC , EN 45001 , in the air surveys , manual gravimetric determination of concentration and mass flow in the gas channels .

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