Corporate responsibility

Socially responsible for sustainable development. Below is an excerpt from our CSR policy that we use as a platform for the entire company.

Responsibility and Ethics

Processfilter follow the requirements of business ethics with objective and independent employees who act professionally in our customers best interests. We work with common values and policies. Processfilter´s products will be manufactured in an ethically sound manner. We therefore want to take responsibility for basic human rights, healthy working conditions and environmental concerns are to be respected.


We are continually working with improvement and development of our working methods. Thru development of skills and experience we are ready for future missions With the help of internal operational and management guides, all employees have access to processes and procedures. We monitor and comply with all laws, regulations and requirements related to our business.


Processfilter strives to work with customers and suppliers to deliver filters that protect both the internal and external environment. To always proceed from environmental issues in the entire operation.

Work environment

Processfilter strives to adapt optimally from the Work Environment Act, to keep a work environment where employees develop, thrive and feel good. We are working systematically to investigate, implement and monitor activities in a way that illness and accidents at work are prevented and that we will have a satisfactory working environment. The fact that we never compromise on our customers or employees’ safety.

Equality and diversity

All employees are given equal opportunities for development both in terms of their own work area and further development into new areas. All employees should be treated with respect. Processfilter shall, within the framework of their activities, actively promote equal rights and opportunities of employ-ment regardless of ethnicity, religion or faith, to create better conditions for an innovative and inspiring work.


Processfilter participate by supporting charities,being part of networks to raise awareness about environmental issues and encourages employees to get involved in areas to protect nature and people.

Environmental Policy

Processfilter will work actively to ensure that our activities have as little negative impact on the environment as possible. This includes products and services we sell , as well as environmental issues that affect the entire company. Every employee should actively promote the sustainable development of society by continuously improving and developing themselves and Processfilter business.

Process Filters should always strive to achieve minimal environmental impact by following the established environmental policy and prioritize these issues basis of our finances . Environmental policy should be in flux and constantly adapts to new technology , new knowledge and new values.

This is achieved by :

  • complies with the statutory requirements, rules and regulations
  • maintains an environmental management document efficiency and improvements from both environmentally and from the business perspective .
  • take environmental considerations into product development
  • use energy in a responsible and efficient way
  • selecting products, materials and suppliers based on environmental concerns
  • takes an active interest in new technologies and knowledge that can benefit the environment
  • continuously improve and evaluate our environmental work
  • train our employees to take personal responsibility and get involved in environmental issues
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