TKF – Pulse Jet Cassette filter




Modular high-performance filters for low operating costs


TKF filter is a pulse jet cartridge filter designed to work optimally under the most diverse conditions, and can be fitted with all market filter media into the filter cassettes. With its customizable designs, effective and reliable filtration, TKF is a high performance filter that is ready to meet future challenges.

TKF Pulse Jet Cassette filter are:

> Effective
> Reliable
> Versatile


Modular koncept


TKF compact modular filters provide unlimited capacity and flexibility.

> Easy to expand capacity if necessary.
> Capacity/single module up to approx. 3000 m3/h.
> Customer adapted design


Compact and flexible


Thanks to its compact design, TKF can be placed close to the dust source allowing for both lower investment and operating costs.

> Can be installed indoors and outdoors.
> Minimum footprint simplifies the planning.
>Increased possibilities for shorter piping gives you lower installation costs and less energy consumption.




Our wide range of additional equipment, combined with a flexible and scalable concept turns TKF into a versatile filter systems, that fits in most industrial environments and application usages.

> Filter modules of 2, 4, 6 or 8 cassettes.
> Available as a basic design for different kinds of hoppers and in silos.
> Extensive range of additional equipment, to fit your needs, e.g. silencers, maintenance platforms, dust collectors, exit dampers and screw conveyors.
> Suitable for most dust-generating application sources.
> Steel quality and finish treatment according to your specification.




TKF filters are available with built-in or remote mounted fans. These fans can be provided with a soundbox or an insulated housing to keep the noise down. Even the jet pulse tank and the cleaning valves can be silenced.


Robust and durable


TKF is designed for safe and reliable operation around the clock – year in and year out. TKF is a well tested and proven concept, with numerous successful installations worldwide since the first version was presented at the beginning of the 1980s.
> All-welded construction.
> Can be adapted according to ATEX-regulations.
> Can be adapted for temperatures up to 250°C. Standard is 95°C.


Quick and easy


TKF is designed for fast and easy maintenance, saving your business valuable time by minimizing downtime in production.
> Easily accessible and robust components.
> Improved filter hatches and guide rails for quick and convenient filter changes.
> Inspection hatches.

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