TSF – Pulse Jet Baghouses

Durable Pulse Jet Baghouse Filter

TSF-Filter is a robust and reliable baghouse filter, particularly suitable for harsh environments. The filter design provides efficient cleaning of the filter media, minimal wear as well as quick and easy access for servicing.

TSF-L is a development from our TSF filters and based on the same principles as our regular TSF. The filter is aimed at processes that handle dirty gas and particulate matter up to 200 degrees Celsius C. The TSF-L design is based on standard size components which enables us have to reduce costs significantly. TSF-L also has a new inlet allowing the separation of particles to be handled differently.

Safe and continuous operation

A safe and continuous operation of the filter plant is essential for an even production without unforeseen downtime. TSF filter is the result of over 30 years of experience and research in partnership with our customers – primarily in the steel-, foundry-, mineral-and chemical- industries. TSF is built on well proven principles for gas transmission and even gas distribution in the filter. The filter design corresponds with current requirements for security, solid construction and accessibility.

Standard or customized filter

The filter comes standard with four different tube lengths and with a filter area of 100 to 2,000 m² / module. For filtering especially intractable particulate / fumes of such some melting and incineration processes, the filter can be delivered in so-called off-line version, ie, divided into separate chambers which subpart closed for cleaning. The filter is dimensioned for the over / negative pressure of 6,000 Pa.

TSF filter delivered as standard with a specially designed protectiveplate and guiderails which protects the filter tubes from abrasive particulate and reduces oscillation (rotation) of filter bags and filter baskets. They also provide an extremely even distribution of air flow across the filter and thus the conditions for optimum operation.

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